Spray silver powder paint, skin appears white spots
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Spray silver powder paint, skin appears white spots
Source:Jiaxin  Date:2018-11-15

Spray silver powder paint, skin appears white spots

(Usually in the case of wet weather, will appear white dot problem)

The coating surface during painting or just finished painting is opalescent and produces the phenomenon of turning white like clouds.

Reasons causing:

1. The organic solvent with low boiling point was used, and the drying was too fast;
2. High humidity or bleak construction environment;
3. The air circulation speed around the sprayed panels is too fast;
4. The sprayed panel is not completely dry before being put into use, and the condensate enters the coating;
5. Thinner contains water, or compressed air brings in water.

Preventive measures
1. Choose thinner that will dry slowly, or use A001 bleaching water appropriately;
2. Avoid spraying in wet and cold environment;
3. Check the air circulation speed of the grill regularly;
4. Select the corresponding drying time according to the temperature of the workpiece;
5. Prevent water intake through diluents and compressed air.
If the problem is not serious, polish the repair area. If the problem is serious, remove the finish by grinding and respray.


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