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    Jarsin paint Co., Ltd. is located in beautiful scenery, is famous for its hot springs and rafting tourist city - Guangdong city in Qingyuan, factories in the Shengping Industrial Park of Feilaixia Town, the main production and sales of automotive repair paint, industrial paint, paint advertising. The company was founded in 2009, the enterprise owns the license and environmental quality inspection report issued by the relevant departments of the State Administration of production safety, environmental protection and other industry and commerce, quality inspection, in strict accordance with the national chemical industry standards and product quality requirements, with advanced production line and production technology, the selection of raw materials for high-quality raw materials to Germany, Holland and the United States the well-known manufacturers, the company has independent product development strength. The product variety and excellent quality, stability is good, we will be responsible for the delivery to the market and high adhesion, good hiding power, good weather resistance, fullness and gloss are very good, qualified products with superior curing effect, color masterbatch system independent research and development to the finished paint palette and establish matching system can give customers stability support.

Companies always adhere to the "pragmatic, hard work, integrity, win-win" spirit of enterprise, employees have more than fighting, and do not stop the pace of entrepreneurship. Industry pay fine God helps those who help themselves. Your satisfaction is our motivation, we will continue to forge ahead, with high quality service and satisfactory products to repay the community for Schwab's trust.


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