Paint does not dry
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Paint does not dry
Source:Jiaxin  Date:2018-04-03

1, double component paint, such as 2K finish, varnish, epoxy primer, 2K primer and so on, lacquer workers do not follow the manufacturer's guidance when the paint is used, the curing agent is too little or too much, if too few, the paint can not fully react with the curing agent, resulting in the paint dry; if excessive, the curing agent is not fully reacted, leading to the film film back tide.


2. The unsuitable curing agent was selected. Some car paint factory and color shop, which home price is cheap to use which of the paint, lead to every manufacturer of curing agent, the use of random and strong, pick up the use, different brands, different solid content, casually add, the product is not good, the quality is not good, car paint manufacturers are really wronged.


3, spray paint environment is too cold, too dampness, air flow is poor. For example, in the Meiyu season, the air is wet and rainy, the clothes are dry, and the paint is more, this is because the curing agent has a slow reaction with the paint molecules, the diluent volatilization slows or even stops. It can only accelerate the reaction speed of the film by the form of baking, thus improving the drying speed of the paint film.


4, paint film should not be too thick at one time, too thick, diluent is easy to accumulate, resulting in abnormal paint film.


5, the painting process is not correct, such as plain 2K paint, then spray varnish, resulting in the film is not dry.




1, through heating and baking to achieve the dry film.


2, baking cannot be solved, so it can only be worn off and re sprayed.



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