How to prevent adhesion problem of automobile varnish
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How to prevent adhesion problem of automobile varnish
Source:Jiaxin  Date:2017-06-17

Automobile paint varnish as the last step of automobile repair spraying, the effect will directly affect the final delivery of the car. Car paint varnish peeling off, especially in high silver powder metal paint off, is a common customer complaints. As a result of many incentives, if not promptly and accurately find the crux of the problem, quickly solve the problem, often reduce customer satisfaction, and even face the risk of losing customers.
According to our experience, automotive paint varnish off often associated with shedding with the silver car paint, scribe test can clearly see this phenomenon, not enough crosslinking strength is the fundamental reason of automotive paint coating varnish and silver layer falling off. In the formula of silver paint, it usually contains a certain amount of special wax slurry to prevent silver powder from falling and control the orientation of silver powder. But it is the presence of wax that makes the coating difficult to crosslink. In daily life, it is difficult to stick on the candle wax paper what is the reason. The film with high content of silver powder is one of the reasons why the film is easy to fall off because it contains more wax.
Automotive paint silver paint resin compatibility poor will also cause the varnish off, spraying varnish is at the bottom of the silver paint flash dry for 15 minutes when the purpose is to make lacquer and silver paint can slightly crosslinked to better increase mutual combined with two layers of film fastness, if you choose a silver paint resin compatibility worse, the rejection of resin varnish, which will make the spray painted varnish off.
The abuse of quick drying curing agent is another typical reason for varnish falling off. The resin in the varnish will be sprayed to the silver powder layer after spraying, so as to achieve the effect of bridging with the silver powder layer and enhancing the adhesive force between the layers. If the use of quick drying curing agent is improper, especially when the silver powder layer itself has better impermeability, the varnish and the silver powder layer are too late, the bridge varnish has been completely cured, which will lead to poor adhesion.
There is a more effective way to solve this problem:
1. increase the resin content - the proper amount of resin will help to increase the adhesive strength.
2., choose high compatibility metal paint special resin.
3. in silver paint adding curing agent - test according to the ratio of 10:1 after adding curing agent, resin powder layer will participate in the cross-linking, it is helpful to improve the film strength, this practice is particularly important in the winter or low temperature area.
4., the choice of fast curing agent, there must be a little time to make the film coating cross linked
Eight Tips finish varnish off:
1, caution with quick drying varnish, quick drying curing agent
2. Add curing agent to silver paint in winter
3, do not forget to add soft agent when repairing bumper
4, replace the new parts, wet touch primer with a better effect
5, varnish and silver paint must keep the original
6, silver paint, spray lacquer, not too long interval
7, silver paint, don't spray too thick
8, according to the needs of different resin content of reconcile varnish


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