Analysis and Countermeasures of varnish failure
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Analysis and Countermeasures of varnish failure
Source:Jiaxin  Date:2017-06-02

Dear customers:
Thank you very much for using our products. We have made a careful study and Analysis on the varnish failure.
The first thing to note is that the varnish itself is made of a resin of extremely high gloss and transparency. It reacts with the hardener to make the film completely bright. Through our many years of experience summed up, causing varnish lost light reasons, 95% is due to the background coating caused. Because the background coating is 1K paint, it is drying by physical drying, that is, through solvent evaporation to achieve drying purposes. The advantage of this kind of drying is that the surface is dry and quick, and a few minutes to ten minutes can do the next step, such as varnish. The disadvantage is that if the solvent is encountered, it will be dissolved. Because of this easily soluble nature, resulting in spraying varnish, if properly mastered, it will bite the following surface paint, so that the surface contraction, resulting in varnish light and non hard problems. In order to solve the above problems of varnish varnish and low hardness, we have the following suggestions:
First, the background paint as far as possible to do a good job, so the film should not spray too thick, too thick, solvent difficult to volatilize, affecting the drying, cover varnish, the base paint is easy to bite, causing surface varnish light and non hard.
Second, when the first thin varnish, spray again, and then at a certain time interval (according to the temperature to determine the length of time interval) make a part of solvent varnish, varnish solvent to reduce excessive penetration into color paint; reach a certain table to dry after spraying second times or third times the varnish flow to achieve the ideal effect. Not a single spray to achieve the best appearance. A one-time coating too thick, a solvent down the opportunity to more, easy to paint the ground bite; secondly, the solvent in the paint is difficult to volatilize, curing residual solvents, thereby affecting the hardness.
Third, spray paint color, color paint with appropriate curing agent (recommended 8:1 - 10:1), the color of paint dry thoroughly, but there are certain solvent resistance and shrinkage, can resist varnish when intrusion, so as to avoid the two coat between mutual interference, ultimately prevent the loss of light and varnish the problem of reducing the hardness.
Our company has perfect raw materials and finished paint inspection equipment, no matter from raw material purchase and finished paint shipment, we have carried out strict control. Therefore, the product itself does not exist any quality problems, as long as the construction of a little attention, will not appear light loss phenomenon, please feel free to use.
Thank you


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