Errors in automobile painting
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Errors in automobile painting
Source:Jiaxin  Date:2017-06-02

I. misunderstandings existing in the design of workshop facilities
Each process of mutual interference between the 1. when we design the workshop facilities, we must ensure that between spraying and painting process is not interfere with each other! But now a lot of repair plant are problems in this area, if it is in the cold weather, the maintenance personnel are likely to a warm working environment, there are may the Luo lacquer face burnish work to paint the room, but these small companies have strict management. In this way, some waste will be produced in the grinding process, which will affect the painting of the paint. The choice of interior lighting will also affect the color discrimination,
2. in the process of artificial color paint program lack the right technology need to have a correct procedure, in order to ensure the mixing effect. Some people who are responsible for the deployment of car repair topcoat are not proficient in toning theory, and do not understand the impact of the surrounding environment on color, it is difficult to develop a complete palette process. For example, some maintenance personnel in the paint has found himself in strict accordance with the procedures in the paint, but there are still between the template and color paint paint a certain gap between the paint and repair, automobile paint can not be well matched, so at a loss. In fact, color paint is wet and paint sample is solid, so the paint color should be slightly lighter than the model color, can not close, but not too deep, so stay dry paint will also in color, or it will be too deep.
3. paint industry must correctly identify it carefully to identify the color, true color. Especially if one wants to distinguish processing of paint, but also within the scope of this heavy tone color to distinguish color paint, including dark color or brightness, brightness or saturation. In the process of color matching of automotive topcoat, different spraying methods are needed to adjust the brightness, hue and hue to achieve the best color.
The general procedure for toning is as follows:
(1) accurately distinguish colors. First of all, according to the palette color, accurate in the standard light source conditions to distinguish its "hue", "Brightness" and "purity", and so as to determine the main color, background color and other necessary color and primary colors.
(2) correct choice of pigment. According to the request of color paint type, variety, diluent and auxiliary material, supporting each other, choose the excellent performance and economy Qidai with color pigment preparation.
(3) first modulation, after a large number of modulation. In the absence of color matching equipment conditions, we should first adjust the sample, to obtain the accuracy of pigment ratio, for a large number of modulation to lay the foundation for waste reduction.
(4) modulation steps and measures should be in strict accordance with the principle of "First Lord, second time, second step". When mixing, they should be fully stirred and dissolved evenly.
(5) when adding auxiliary materials, we should strictly join the corresponding varieties according to the proportion, and deploy the appropriate amount of timely and appropriate intermodulation.
Two. There is a loophole in the preparation before painting
The surface of the car is not adequately treated, and the surface of the vehicle will not be smooth or uneven after spraying. This is mainly because the maintenance personnel have a loophole in the surface treatment. Some are because the maintenance personnel eliminates the cleaning, derusting, degreasing and other processes, which is not up to the requirements of vehicle surface treatment.
If you want to do is coating the surface of the body, we must be careful in before painting dressing hole, sand hole, slag, or the uneven place, must ensure that the surface is smooth, clean and dry, otherwise it will cause problems for below.


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